‘Even the wind and the sea obey him’

Every sailor learns to respect the power of the sea. A storm can blow up suddenly and without warning. Even an experienced seafarer will feel afraid when they are faced with a gale-force wind and crashing waves. That’s what happens in today’s Gospel. Jesus is in the boat with his disciples, on the Sea of Galilee, when suddenly a gale and rough seas threaten to swamp them. The disciples are afraid for their lives, but Jesus is calmly asleep. When they wake him, he calms the sea at once and tells his disciples off for not having faith.

Jesus’ disciples were shocked. They knew very well that only God has power over the forces of nature and now it seemed that the power was in Jesus’ hands. ‘Even the wind and the sea obey him,’ the disciples said. They were slowly beginning to recognise Jesus as the Son of God.

When we face the storms of life, we might ask the same question the disciples put to Jesus: ‘Master, do you not care?’ But Jesus does care. He is in the boat with us and he has the power to calm the storms. He asks us to have faith in him and not be afraid.

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