The Feast of St. Augustine (28 August 2021)

To celebrate the Feast day of St Augustine, patron Saint of brewers and theologians, we thought it would be fitting to share a reflection on his life and what we can learn from it.

The youth of St Augustine is one we could sometimes find overlapping with our own – one marked by pride, disinterest in God and solely worldly ambitions. However, St Augustine’s conversion to Christ is to be a true inspiration for many, but especially those who struggle with a particular vice or habit they long to break. The conversion and redemption of St Augustine best demonstrates that Christian life is a continual journey of faith, one that endures right up until our death, one filled with adverse circumstances and sin, yet overflowing with the grace of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, St Augustine’s conversion did not happen overnight, it took great patience by both his mother, St Monica, who constantly prayed for the conversion of her son, and St Augustine, who patiently received and cooperated with the overflowing grace the Lord gives to those with a sorrowful and contrite heart.

So, on this feast day, meditate on the life of St Augustine and consider how Our Lord is within us even when we stray from Him. Pray for friends and family who may suffer with temptations to certain vices and for strength and courage in our service for God.

St Augustine, pray for us!