Durham University Catholic Society (known for short as CathSoc) is the community of Catholic students from Durham University who come together to worship and socialise. You don’t have to be member of CathSoc to get involved at the Chaplaincy – although all events are open to non-members, do join the society and add your name to the ever-growing list!

The society is run by its elected exec, who work closely with the Chaplain in planning and running events.

To find out more about the Society, explore these pages or e-mail the society on cath.soc@durham.ac.uk

CathSoc Exec 2022-2023

Contact details

President – Francesca Blondell – francesca.m.blondell@durham.ac.uk

Vice-President – George Ford – george.a.ford@durham.ac.uk

Secretary – Maria Paola Guala – maria.p.guala@durham.ac.uk 

Treasurer – Angela – angela@durham.ac.uk

Social Secretary – Veronica Boyle – veronica.m.boyle@durham.ac.uk

Culinary Officer – Lucy Rauer – lucy.a.rauer@durham.ac.uk

Worship Officer – Jessica Fernandes – jessica.fernandes@durham.ac.uk

Outreach Officer – Aurelia Eburne – aurelia.e.eburne@durham.ac.uk

Other important contacts

To reflect different aspects of our society we also have representatives who are points of contact and take care of particular roles. These are:

Postgrad Rep – Tom Lark – thomas.a.lark@durham.ac.uk

International Reps – Amanda Botelho – amanda.c.botelho@durham.ac.uk  and Madeleine Bonnet – madeleine.bonnet@durham.ac.uk

Library reps – Luke Abbott – luke.abbott@durham.ac.uk  and Joshua Stevens – joshua.stevens@durham.ac.uk