I am the vine, you are the branches

Jesus, speaking to his disciples at the Last Supper, tells them, ‘I am the vine, you are the branches.’ He means that he has drawn them to himself and he wants them to remain close to him. Judas has already gone out into the darkness to betray Jesus. In the course of the night, the rest of the apostles will all abandon Jesus too. But he will not abandon them. After his resurrection, he will send them out to bear fruit – to witness to him, to gather new disciples and to build up his Church. The disciples achieved amazing things and gave their lives for Jesus, because they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they remained close to Jesus, the living vine. They drew from him the strength and courage that they needed to fulfil their mission.

Jesus calls us to bear fruit for him. He wants us to live out our faith and to be fearless witnesses who will draw others to him. We can’t live out this mission on our own. We can only be fruitful branches if we stay close to the vine that is the Church.

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