I am the Good Shepherd

Living in the city, we may never have met a shepherd. But in Jesus’ time, many men earned their living in that way and there would probably be shepherds among Jesus’ disciples. It was a hard life – shepherds slept in the fields with their sheep and would be outside in all weathers, protecting the flock from harm.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who loves the sheep – his disciples. He knows each one by name and he calls each one to follow him. God the Father sent his Son into the world to save us and Jesus, at every moment of his earthly existence, is absolutely obedient to his Father’s plan. Everyone is called to follow the Good Shepherd – no one is excluded from the flock.

Even a good shepherd would think twice before giving up his life for the sheep in his care. But Jesus didn’t hesitate to die on the Cross for us. He gave his life freely, out of love and in obedience to his Father; and the Father raised him up. Today is Vocations Sunday, when the Church prays for vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life. More than ever, we need good shepherds who will follow the example of Christ and dedicate their lives to the care of the People of God.

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