The empty tomb

Mary of Magdala arrived at the tomb in sadness, to mourn for the one she loved. Her sadness changed to confusion when she found the great stone rolled aside from the entrance and the tomb empty. Her first thought was that ‘they’ – someone – must have moved Jesus’ body out of the tomb. But when Simon Peter and the beloved disciple went into the tomb, they found that the linen cloths that had wrapped Jesus’ dead body were still there. The cloths were no longer needed. Jesus had risen from the dead. A few moments later, Mary would meet the risen Christ and would recognise him when he called her by name. The Gospel stories of Easter morning show Jesus’ disciples slowly coming to realise a truth that they could never have imagined. Sadness and grief are followed by confusion and uncertainty, and finally by deep joy. The tomb is empty; God the Father has raised Jesus from the dead! We have accompanied Jesus through his suffering and death, and on Easter Sunday we can rejoice. The Resurrection of Christ is Good News to be shared; news that brings hope for all humankind.

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