I was afraid…

In today’s Gospel we meet three servants who are entrusted by their employer with a share of his wealth, in the form of valuable coins or ‘talents.’ Two of the three make good use of what is given to them – they manage to double the money. But the third servant does nothing  with the precious coin. He digs a hole to hide it away.

We can try to make the most of the gifts that God has entrusted to us, or we can do as little as possible. The third servant is rebuked by his master for being ‘wicked and lazy.’ The truth is that he was afraid to take risks. For fear of losing his master’s money and perhaps being punished, he hid it away and did nothing with it. He was paralysed by fear.

This parable teaches us that we should not be afraid to take risks and be creative. We can step up, use our gifts and share the Good News of Christ that we have received; but only if we trust God. Our faith in God sets us free from fear – free to be adventurous and to hear the Lord’s words, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’

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