St Cuthbert’s Lecture

On Thursday 9th March at 7.00pm Rik Van Nieuwenhove,  Professor of Medieval Theology at Durham University’s Centre for Catholic Studies,  will give a  lecture on “The Beauty and Significance of Jan van Ruusbroec’s mystical theology of the Trinity.” The Blessed Jan van Ruusbroec  (1293-1381) was a spiritual author of the Low Countries who developed an attractive and highly original spirituality, which influenced Spanish, French, English and German spirituality in the early-modern period. Ruusbroec describes the mystery of the Trinity as “an ebbing, flowing sea”, forever drawing us in into itself through a life of interiority and sending us out into the world through a life of charitable activity. The public lecture will outline Ruusbroec’s thought and how it is relevant to this day.

The lecture will also be available on our YouTube channel at

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