Diocesan Synod Update

Our Diocesan synod process has been moving ahead over the last couple of months, and we are now starting to collate the responses from all the diocesan groups and parishes. This is how it will work:

  • On Saturday, February 12th, representatives from all the partnerships will gather with the Bishop, and together, they will reflect on the input and the process so far. 
  • Following this meeting, the partnerships are asked to finalise their responses by February 22nd and to pass these to their respective Episcopal Area meetings. 
  • The Lay Pastoral Forum, which includes representatives of all the Partnership and lay groups in the diocese will compile all the responses received into a submission to the Bishop in early March. 
  • The Bishop will then consider this, plus the responses from the Clergy, Caritas, and other Diocesan groups and produce his final submission by April 8th
  • At each stage, copies of the various submissions will be made available. 

Have you joined the conversation? If you’ve not yet taken the opportunity to make a contribution to the synod process, there is still time to do so. Contact Margaret Doyle (margaretdoyle1066@sky,com) to feed into our parish and partnership response. Alternatively, you can email a contribution to synod@diocesehn.org.

Information about the Synod and notes from our parish meetings are available here:

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