For a Synodal Church

Pope Francis has asked the whole church to begin a process of listening and discernment. The theme is: For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, Mission. Every member of the church is asked to contribute, and we’re having a number of meetings for the parish and for the chaplaincy.

At the first meeting for the Chaplaincy we identified a number of important issues, and at this meeting we’ll be talking about:

Discernment: over the last 2 years we have all had our own, individual experiences of lockdown and restrictions. What are the opportunities in our community to be involved in planning and decision making? How do we discern the way forward when there are so many uncertainties and we are not always in control? And how do we deliver our message of good news in today’s world?

You don’t have to have been at the previous meeting to join the discussion. Please do join us at the next chaplaincy meeting on Sunday 5th December at 4.00pm in the Chaplaincy room. Refreshments will be provided!

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