The University is in the process of moving its most of its degree programmes currently based at Queen’s Campus, Stockton, to Durham. The School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health will be transferred to Newcastle University.

In the meantime, students at the Stockton colleges – John Snow and Stephenson – can still use use Chaplaincy facilities at St Cuthbert’s in Durham in exactly the same way as Durham-based students. The University has arranged for free bus transport between Stockton and Durham on production of a Campus Card: see for details.

But you don’t need to come all the way to Durham to practise the faith! There are a number of Catholic churches in easy reach of Queen’s campus, all of which warmly welcome students:

St Mary’s, Stockton

StMaryStockton2 Major Street, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2DD
Sunday Masses: 11:00am, 6:00pm
Parish Priest: Fr Patrick McKenna
T: 01642 613933 (parish office); 676164 (parish priest)

St Patrick’s, Thornaby

StPatrickThornaby39 Westbury Street, Thornaby TS17 6NW
Sunday Masses: 6:30pm (Sat Vigil Mass), 10:30am
Parish Priest: Fr Michael Keogh
T: 01642 674140

St Cuthbert’s, Stockton

St CuthbertStocktonYarm Road, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 8NR
Sunday Masses: 5:15pm (Sat Vigil Mass), 11:00am
Parish Priest: Fr John Cooper
T: 01642 674321