Study in the Chaplaincy Day

Fed up with the Bill Bryson Library? Tired of paying £1.50 for that cup of tea? Come to the Chaplaincy this coming Tuesday, 3 Mar for an informal Study in the Chaplaincy Day! The President and Vice-President of CathSoc will be there at various points in the day to welcome you, offer you tea and coffee and maybe even some cake. Do come and join us on this particular day and make use of the space to write your summatives, finish your dissertation, get through some reading and such like things. Even if you’ve never studied in the Chaplaincy before,

do pop by — it’s worth a try! Keycards to access the Chaplaincy will also be available from the Parish Secretary that day for a £10 deposit (returnable) during her office hours. 

The Chaplaincy is open everyday, of course, and can be used for studying and relaxation. Users are free to make use of the tea and coffee and other facilities in the Chaplaincy, such as the library. Do speak to fr. Ben if you would like a keycard. 

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