CathSoc Night – A Principled Approach to the Refugee Crisis

Refugee picture no textCathSoc Night is the main mid-week student gathering at the Chaplaincy, taking place each Wednesday after the 7:00pm Mass (so at about 7:30pm). We gather for a shared meal, talk/discussion (at about 8:00pm), and then conclude with prayer (at about 9:00pm). You are very welcome to come along for as little or as much of the evening as you like, and it is not unheard of for discussions to continue afterward in a local hostelry!

On Wednesday 17 February we are joined by Nick Franchini and Alessia Cesana of Good Works. Good Works is an organisation bringing insights, events and partnering to those who value and seek support for ethical opportunities and issues in the workplace. Nick and Alessia will be leading a workshop entitled A Principled Approach to the Refugee Crisis. They will explore Christian vocation and making ethical choices outside a church setting: in studies, career and personal development, looking in particular at how we might go about responding to the refugee crisis.

You can find out more about Good Works at

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